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7) We do not have a 200-year supply of coal. Maybe 30 years [2].

"Peak Coal?

"With 268 billion tons of estimated recoverable reserves (ERR) reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), it is often estimated that the United States has '200 years of coal' supply. However, the EIA has acknowledged that what the EIA terms ERR cannot technically be called 'reserves' because they have not been analyzed for profitability of extraction. As a result, the oft-repeated claim of a '200 year supply' of U.S. coal does not appear to be grounded on thorough analysis of economically recoverable coal supplies..

"Reviews of existing coal mine lifespan and economic recoverability reveal serious constraints on existing coal production and numerous constraints facing future coal mine expansion. Depending on the resolution of the geologic, economic, legal, and transportation constraints facing future coal mine expansion, the planning horizon for moving beyond coal may be as short as 20-30 years."

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