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4) In 2010, 34,000 people died prematurely from coal combustion [2]. Pollution causes 30% of childhood asthma [4].

The Epstein, et alia, study [2] estimates "24,475 excess deaths in 2005" from coal. "There is, however, considerable uncertainty regarding the actual numbers. Using the epidemiology from the 'Six Cities Study' implies up to 34,000 premature deaths in 2010."

The National Resources Defense Council (NDRC) reports that "A research study published in 2002 estimated that 30 percent of childhood asthma is due to environmental exposures, costing the nation $2 billion per year. And studies also suggest that air pollution may contribute to the development of asthma in previously healthy people" [4]..

KILLCOAL EDITORIAL ALERT: If Canada invaded Detroit and killed 34,000 people, no one would remember 9/11, and we'd be sending B2's to bomb the ever-loving snot out of Toronto.

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