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2) The Harvard "Six Cities Study" found that breathing urban pollution increases your chances of death by 26% [3].

"After adjusting for smoking and other risk factors, we observed statistically significant and robust associations between air pollution and mortality. The adjusted mortality-rate ratio for the most polluted of the cities as compared with the least polluted was 1.26 [or 26% greater] (95 percent confidence interval, 1.08 to 1.47). Air pollution was positively associated with death from lung cancer and cardiopulmonary disease but not with death from other causes considered together. Mortality was most strongly associated with air pollution with fine particulates, including sulfates. [Particulates and sulfates are predominantly produced by coal.]

"In our study, however, the association of air pollution with mortality was observed even after we directly controlled for individual differences in other risk factors, including age, sex, cigarette smoking, education level, body-mass index, and occupational exposure..

"[P]articulate air pollution was associated with death due to cardiopulmonary causes.

"[W]e observed significant effects of air pollution on mortality even when we controlled for sex, age, smoking status, education level, and occupational exposure to dust, gases, and fumes. The compatibility of the effects of air pollution on mortality in this study with those observed in population-based cross-sectional studies and daily time-series studies provides further evidence for the conclusion that exposure to air pollution contributes to excess mortality. This study, therefore, provides additional impetus to the development of strategies to reduce urban air pollution."

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